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Recognized by the National Association of Music Merchants under “Companies to Watch” for our new and innovative instrument storage solutions that retailers can earn big revenues from.

Earn Money Selling A&S’ Band Storage Series to Schools & Music Teachers

If you already sell instruments to schools, and would like the opportunity to add another revenue stream to those lucrative contracts, consider our line of Band Room™ musical instrument storage carts and stands. They’re super sturdy, easily assembled, American-made and built to last. They’re available for ukuleles, trumpets, saxophones, cellos, double basses, guitars, violins and violas. And you can easily sell these products on your own website or through your own brick-and-mortar store, and you don’t even have to stock a thing! We’ll drop-ship the products directly to your customers’ doorsteps.

  • Mobile Ukulele Storage Racks For ClassroomsMobile Ukulele Storage Racks For Classrooms
  • Band Room™ Violin, Viola and Trumpet Case Shelf RackBand Room Violin, Viola and Trumpet Case Shelf Rack
  • Band Room Double-Stack™ Guitar Shelf RacksBand Room Double-Stack Guitar Shelf Racks
  • Double Bass Cart For Music ClassroomsDouble Bass Cart For Music Classrooms
  • Cello Storage & Transport Cart For Music ClassroomsCello Storage & Transport Cart For Music Classrooms
  • Mobile Saxophone Case Storage Rack For Music ClassroomsMobile Saxophone Case Storage Rack For Music Classrooms

Knock Your School Sales Quotas Out of the Park with These Easy Upsells

Attention School Reps: You already know which teachers have to fit [X] number of instruments in their cluttered classrooms, making these highly complementary products an easy upsell, helping to crush your sales quotas!

Real Reviews from Real Teachers

“The racks are great. Thank you. They are just what I was looking for – easy to put together. Nice and sturdy too. They have really helped clean up the room.” – Chris

“I liked the rack I bought last year so much that I purchased a second one… My maintenance people like the racks too because they are on wheels and easy to move…” – Don G.

“I ordered a guitar storage unit last spring. It is now put together and beautiful! Thanks so much! I fit 31 guitars on it! They are mostly 3/4 size.” – Jayne W.

Earn More Selling A&S’ Guitar Storage Series to Guitar Players, Pro Musicians, Collectors & Music Studios

Our beautiful and space-saving multiple guitar stands, guitar case storage racks, mobile guitar racks and wall-mounted hangers are high-quality, American-made, sturdy and easy to assemble. They accommodate electrics, acoustics, basses, banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins. They’re American-made to the highest quality standards and are easily assembled.

If you’re store is short on space, many of our products provide an opportunity for display as well as being a magnet to attract your customers’ attention. We can provide beautiful brochures as a means for you to sell all of our products without any need to stock them. We offer drop-shipping services for both on-line and brick-and-mortar retailers.

  • The Studio™ Standard Guitar Case StandThe Studio Standard Guitar Case Stand
  • The Session™ Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stands The Session Deluxe Multiple Guitar Stands
  • The Carousel™ Rotating Guitar Stand
    The Carousel Rotating Guitar Stand
  • The Session™ Standard Multiple Guitar Stands
    The Session Standard Multiple Guitar Stands
  • The Session-Pro™ Double-Stack Mobile Guitar & Case Shelf RacksThe Session-Pro Double-Stack
  • The Session-Pro™ Mobile Guitar Rack
    The Session-Pro Mobile Guitar Rack
  • The Showcase™ Deluxe Display CabinetThe Showcase Deluxe Display Cabinet
  • The RetroRack™ Deluxe 3 Guitar StandThe RetroRack Deluxe 3 Guitar Stand
  • The Studio™ Deluxe Guitar Case Storage RackThe Studio Deluxe Guitar Case Storage Rack
  • The CrossCurve™ Deluxe Wood Single Guitar StandThe CrossCurve Deluxe Wood Single Guitar Stand
  • The Pro-File™ Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger The Pro-File Wall Mounted Multi Guitar Hanger
  • The Pro-File™ Wall Mounted Ukulele & Mandolin Hanger The Pro-File Wall Mounted Ukulele & Mandolin Hanger

Real Reviews from Real Collectors

“As a vintage guitar collector, I’ve been looking for a nice piece of furniture that my wife would let me keep in the den to store my guitars. I got a great christmas gift and so did she.” – Jack C

“This case is the highest quality I’ve ever seen.. simple to wall mount and worth the price! Bought it for my new show guitar that was given to me at a KISS concert by the band members. I highly recommend it for your most prized guitar. ” – Lenny P.

“Beautifully crafted and designed, my rack is the centerpiece of my studio and I trust it with my best guitars. Easy to put together in a few minutes and built to last a lifetime. Thank you!.” – David B.


Effortless Sales with A&S’ Drop-Shipping Service

If you don’t have the space for storing inventory, or you simply don’t want to bother, we can drop-ship to your store, or directly to your customers. All you do is collect the order, and keep the commissions!